Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Fishnet Friday with Tea and Cards!

Let's Play Poker . IV by ~sakigoth

Thank God it is Fishnet Friday! And a 3-day weekend too. Woohoo!

The Tea Fantasy III by ~sakigoth

The Money Shot blog (NSFW) guy has created a sweeeet new (somewhat NSFW) blog:
VPILF Sarah Palin

The Tea Fantasy II by ~sakigoth
The Tea Fantasy I by ~sakigoth

Let's Play Poker . II by ~sakigoth

In other news, I've been enjoying PukeyPuke's Casey raps like the latest one:

26 PukeyPuke on August 29, 2008 said:

Look ma it’s Casey on the teevee
What’s he doing what does he see?
Writing a book without much substance
Does this qualify towards his allowance?
Mommy mommy I don’t understand
Why this Casey thinks he is somekind of brand
He ain’t no coke and he ain’t no apple
Why is so hard for him to grapple
It don’t make sense why he’s not working hard
Now all of a sudden he’s some kind of bard
Writing a book nobody will buy
It’s getting too much makes haterz wanna sigh

Mommy mommy who is this Casey
When I grow up will I be that spacey?
Casey says you are brainwashing me
Mommy mommy hear my plea
Can I be like Casey living with glee
Doing nothing and getting some scratch
Even let me grow one of those soul patch

Sonny boy you won’t make much money
Look very closely and you’ll see something funny
He’s wearing a shirt begging for donations
He’s calling it sponsorship I call it aberration
You will never get by in life being lazy
Can’t you see he’s certifiably crazy?
Pretending to be in business is not so smart
Pretty soon he’ll be pushing a cart
Homeless and lonely and begging for change
It’s pretty damn sad it’s pretty damn strange
He can’t see it he’s very deluded
A ustream video and an e-book included
You will never succeed following that example
Wait right here I’ll get you a sample
Disney and Ford and even Donald Trump
They work real hard they were never a chump
Well maybe the Donald but he had what it took
To succeed in life with a vision and hard work
Casey you see will never get the clues
He’s to busy selling this businessman ruse
Never grow up to be like him
If you do I will you’ll need to learn to swim
The waters are filled with piranhas and sharks
They’ll leave you bloodied and feeling around in the dark
These gurus and seminars will take your mind
Warp it, bend it leave you in a bind
You won’t ever think for yourself
Put common sense and reason on the shelf
That ain’t no way for any son of mine to live
But it’s up to you to you so I hope you forgive
I don’t ever want this to come to be
So please please don’t be like Casey

Fetish . Chinese by ~sakigoth


Casey Serin said...


wagga said...


Think those young ladies are wearing tho extra-large iris contact lenses?

Akubi said...

It sure took you guyz a long time!

Think those young ladies are wearing tho extra-large iris contact lenses?
Yeah, it certainly looks like it.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

I think they need katanas with their giant eyes and tea.

Akubi said...

I think they need katanas...
Did you see my latest Nietzsche Koi post?
BTW I replaced my linky to CHC AKA Mean Girls 2.0 with VPILF Sarah Palin

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Akubi:

As usual, the looser W-2 job interferes. I was stuck there for a good 14 hours yesterday, something which has been happening about once a month lately. I'm pretty much a 9-5 looser except for these late nights, which is good, but the late nights are wearing on me.

Akubi said...

Hi Ogg!
I love you!

For the cat fans who haven't switched over to the dog side of the universe.

Evil Anti-Porn Nai said...

The CUNTS Suck!

Ogg the Caveman said...

I love you too, Akubi.

Speaking of cats, mine have been fighting and generally raising hell but are now sitting nicely next to each other.

Anonymous said...

When I feel depressed,
SigSympathy makes me feel better.
In addition, I want my stupid ass CHC accout killed because everyone there is a royal fucking asshole there.
Before I asked to be killed already, the Dude PM-ed me in regards to my f-ing porn link that has been around forever.
Perhaps Porn ia part of their latest definiton of assholes.

The plus side of stupid-ass closed systems is that you can leave them.