Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Everyone will be Anonymous for 15 minutes (in the Future)

Books, Websites, and Forums about the Anonymous Street Artist Banksy: Part Seven in an Eight-Part Banksy Series

For Edgar:

Mick strikes me as a wannabe Jimi in the above video.

I like the shocked expressions in the audience when Jimi burns and bashes his guitar. Quaint that people were so easily disturbed back then.

Check out the pink fishnets in the video above.

#1 Favorite Version of Sympathy for Devil previously posted somewhere here or there.


Ogg the Caveman said...

Everyone will be Murst on this post!

Oh, wait. Not everyone. Just me.

Anonymous said...

remember remember the fifth of november...

just funning, hi akubi!

Project SCOBY Doo™ said...

A big P for Propaganda!

Project SCOBY Doo™ said...

I intend to rule my own personal blogosphere of nonsense and resent the fact that KC and Nigel cut me off.

Akubi said...

I happen to have a very unfortunate zit from hell - definitely on my top 10 list of worst possible pimples in the world. The thing has deep white tentacles I’ve been mauling my face over. When will I ever outgrow acne?
While I never get more than one or two zits at a time, those that appear are straight out of the SciFi channel. It’s horrible!

Akubi said...

It would appear as though the last YouTube pink fishnets video is from some film. Which one?
I don't know.
Thanks to my fondness for W.S. Burroughs growing up, I always thought it was cool to look like a Secret Service Agent from the Interzone.

Anonymous said...

...resent the fact that KC and Nigel cut me off.


Akubi said...

I called in, but they supposedly didn't have time to take my call.

Akubi said...

I thought this exchange with David Brooks was rather amusing:
We've noticed how beautifully you've been dressing on TV.

My daughter and my mother have given me a lot of shit for these clothes. I'm very proud. They always think the combinations don't go together.

They're kind of avant-garde, actually.
My daughter watches America's Next Top Model and all those shows. She says if I were a gay designer, this would be a perfect ensemble.

Do you have an inner gay designer?
I think I do, actually, yeah. For a right-wing pundit, which is a smaller category, a small subset.

Well, maybe larger than you think.
[huge laugh]

Anonymous said...