Sunday, August 24, 2008


I'm seeking entries for 10 Reasons Why Casey Serin Sucks.
If your entry happens to win, your blog or personal agenda will be linked into my vast empire of fishnet blogs.
Woohoo! Win-win!

I think this kid is way cooler than KC, but they have a similar look.

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Anonymous said...

Pedro sucks.

NotAnOptimist said...

Can anons call murst? I think not. I murst, therefore I am.

Edgar Alpo said...


He's wearing a vote for pedro shirt??

I didn't notice it the first time i watched, how cool is that?

bonus pic

Edgar Alpo said...

nothing changes, ever

Edgar Alpo said...

jeeze loize! neither one of those globalist scum suckers running for president was born in the USA!!

Akubi said...

I've been offline all day. Have I missed anything juicy in the Caseysphere?

Akubi said...

nothing changes, ever
I wouldn't buy everything this guy says, because of this:
Face it, if you want to stay true to reason and conscience, the man to vote for is Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate.
I don't want to see another 2000 where Nader essentially put George W. Retard into office. That didn't work out so well did it?
Our current problems are so critical don't throw your vote away. Hopey may be far from perfect, but McCain is f-ing scary.

Casey Serin said...

To add contrast, I gave in and added KC's video to my last post.

Thanks. heh.

Vote Serin as Green Wheatgrass Party Candidate in 2008. :-)

Akubi said...

OT, but this is my blog so why not…I went to S.F. Opera’s "Arias in the Afternoon" in Sausalito with my mom today and during intermission she pointed out a hotel where she stayed with my dad before I was born (they both lived in L.A. at the time). Aside: my dad died suddenly when I was 8 so I’m mainly left with an 8-year-old’s perspective of him. Anyway, my mom said he decided to go swimming in the bay. The water is rather cold and unappealing swim-wise in Sausalito and I’ve never personally seen anyone swim in it in my many years living in Marin. At the time, my mom mentioned that she didn’t seen anyone else swimming in the water and was feeling somewhat mortified that he planned to do so. Just like I remember him, he didn’t give a rat’s ass whether other people swim there and so he proceeded to do so. “That was your Dad” my mom said. They divorced before I can remember, so I think that might have something to do with my mom associating all of my weirdness with his genes. Still, she seemed vaguely amused by the swimming incident and added an additional detail from the trip: they purchased matching orange and green paisley corduroys! Is that not groovy?

Benoit™ said...

Akubi wrote: 10 reasons why Casey Serin sucks

We're limited to merely *ten* reasons?? ;-)

Browse Caseypedia's articles and you can find hundreds of reasons.

How about I take the word "sucks" literally? Then my entry for the 10 reasons Casey Serin sucks is.

1. He's gay.
2. He's gay.
3. He's gay.
4. He's gay.
5. He's gay.
6. He's gay.
7. He's gay.
8. He's gay.
9. He's gay.
10. He uses a straw when he drinks his grass. ;-)

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Akubi:

That is indeed groovy.

I had a much-needed relaxing weekend. I'm currently sitting around with my catz while I wait for my laundry to finish. The looser w-2 job is very casual as far as dress goes, but they do insist on clothes.

Dolph said...

1) He's a false Christian
2) He's greedy
3) He can't think for himself
4) He's a momma's boy
5) He's not at all smart
6) He likes spouting off about stuff he has no actual concept of...he's basically a parrot saying what he thinks sounds cool.
7) He fancies himself something he will never be.
8) He pumps dangerous stocks
9) He makes videos of himself in bed pointing at the camera
10) He thinks he's Vanilla Ice when it's obvious he's 1 million times worse

Akubi said...

It looks like Ogg's entry is over at 6 Degrees of Casey Serin.

OT update on Little Lance: "He's really fighting," said Nadine Knutson, 63, of Oakland as her new charge, a brown, 23-pound mix, sniffed at news cameras. "He's really getting better, and he has the spirit to get better. I loved his story. I hated what happened to him."
He received 15K in donations for his surgery!

Anonymous said...

Vote for Pedro.

Anonymous said...

1. He is a bat, not trying to insult bats.
2. He inspires us (haterz) by blogging, but our blogs are better.
3. He proves blonds do NOT have more fun.
4. He eats worms on toast for breakfast.
5. He has not posted what the acronym is for CHJTS for his new fans yet.
6. He sez he loves the haterz, so, ergo he lies, imo.
7. He is not pulling any NEW shocking antics for us, just re-hashing prior bad deeds.
8. He does not comb his hair or flush his toilet.
9. He cried poor me and then throws money in the trash.
10. He burns bridges and then comes back for more, and we give it to him. He he


Edgar Alpo said...

@akubi sez (sic): don't vote for that wrinkly white haired guy, he'll kill us all!

Redneck said...

Rednecks for Obama

Edgar Alpo said...

good stuff redneck.

reporting from the epicenter of redneck country i can tell you that the obama yard signs are sprouting like dandelions.

BelowTheCrowd said...

10. Actually believes the NRU garbage
9. Broke 9 out of 10 commandments (At last check, he hasn't murdered anybody)
8. Sexist asshole (remember his hot lady realtor?)
7. Committed seven out of seven deadly sins
6. Wouldn't know a decent haircut if it hit him on the head
5. Faux-leapord skin bedspread
4. Check baby, check baby, check one two
3. Still capable of breeding
2. Unrepentant murse-wearer
1. He's gay and sucking comes with the turf

wagga said...

Why do we need 10?

If kc drives down my street broadcasting that rapshit drivel, he'll get lead poisoning, & it's not just me - neighbors are well armed.

Should do it.

Oh! the wheels don't work. And the stereo was stolen.

Never mind.

Akubi said...

Sweet entries!

OK, how about top 10 Reasons why Casey Serin Sucks?

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Akubi:

I usually buy my tools at the hardware store, but to each their own.