Monday, August 18, 2008

Koi Deprogrammer™

koi by ~angeloluha


As I mentioned earlier in the comments, I somehow managed to grind away 3 existing fillings and my new dentist (old one retired) suggested a Kois Deprogrammer. I like the sound of it, but can’t make much sense out of the various details I've found on the internets, i.e.:

Q: “Kois” deprogrammer has recently gained
popularity among US dentists, how do you compare
it to the NTI-TSS?
A: The “Kois” is useful for chairside deprogramming and
dynamic occlusal equilibration. An NTI is best used
to control nocturnal parafunction and also makes the
chairside use of the “Kois” (or other deprogrammers)
more predictable

WTF does that mean?
Does anyone else have TMJ and/or know anything about the Kois Deprogrammer? I'm sure it probably costs a fortune and isn't covered by my insurance.


mursty murstperson rocks said...

Casey Serin said...

Is "Kois" pronounced with English phonetics ("KOYZ") or with French phonetics ("KWAH")?? Seriously.

Akubi said...

It sounded very much like "KOYZ" when my dentist mentioned it.

I had the day off and spent most of the non-dental time in the garden so I missed this one until now: Another Leader the Bush Admin Threw Under the Bus.

Ogg the Caveman said...

Why would anyone need to deprogram a koi? Do some of them become scientologists or something?

Akubi said...

Maybe they become McLame Chavs or chads or something along those lines while Tom Cruise sucks their ass.

NotAnOptimist said...

Quick and dirty search reveals that a Kois Deprogrammer is a type of anterior deprogrammer. It is named such because it was designed by the Kois Center. Another site says: "In theory all anterior deprogrammers are similar. It is the subtle designs that differ."
From this link: Anterior Deprogrammer - A less well known treatment method is an anterior deprogrammer. This device contacts the four lower incisors when you close your mouth, and reduces resistance when the lower jaw moves back and forth, reducing muscle contraction intensity and helping teeth the become properly aligned. An anterior deprogrammer is meant for short term use and emergency situations.

Project SCOBY Doo™ said...

Thanks NotanOptimist!
After watching KC's latest video, I think I'll stick with TMJ for now. It freaks me out to think I might somewhat look like the loser, but the grinding keeps my jaw squarer than his.

Leslie said...

Send your dental cases to my lab. Palisades Dental Lab 4931 Southwestern Blvd. Hamburg, NY 14075
TMJ dental tech specialist for over 25 years. Kois has various designs. Make sure the operator knows what he is doing as they can do alot of good, but if you are not a true candidate it can cause an open bite, or excessive wear on your lower front teeth. There are alternatives to splint therapy which causes tremendous relief on your condyle. (everything is connected. like the song to the hip bone)lol... ok a full arch splint with anterior guidance to prevent further damage is a great way to go. Make sure you see an experineced TMJ or general who played with these devices before. Best to you. Leslie CDT

Anonymous said...

Obviously this all started with someone who cant trust their dentist. Save a buck and find a Prosthodontist to diagnose /treat the real issues. Kois is a real prosthodontist but a majority of GPS and lab technicians will not have a fundamental idea of what Kois is trying to achieve.

Anonymous said...

hi, the Kois deprogrammer is one of the most powerful tools a trained dentist can use to correct problems with how well your teeth are working for you. It does not have to be expensive. It helps the dentist see what is happening so that he can give you an idea of what to do to help your teeth last longer, or to relieve jaw pain due to sore muscles or due to pain in the jaw joint. Just go to and go thru the headings until you find the listing for finding a dentist actually trained in this procedure.
I am a dentist of 30 some years of experience with Kois, (as well as others) and really feel that for the majority of people who have early excessive wear, TMD, or jaw related problems- or are going to have a lot of crowns done in their mouth, that the Kois deprogrammer is an essential step that will make a difference in how well things work out, as to how well things done last for you. And yes, some prosthodontists know how to do this too, but just go to the Kois web site and find someone trained in this simple procedure. cheers!

Virginia said...

It is called a Kois Deprogrammer after Dr. John Kois, a leader in continuing dental education. The reason it is called a deprogrammer is because it "deprogams" or relaxes your muscles.

Another option to keep you from grinding is an "occlusal splint" also known as a night guard. The splint, typically worn at night, keeps you from grinding and clenching. Here is information about this device: