Thursday, May 31, 2007

Nietzsche Koi


The end of IAFF has ruined my vacation, so I guess I'll focus on other blogs like this one featuring L'ETREINTE (PAUL COLLET & PIERRE DROUOT, 1969)
The guy in the red sweater looks like he could have been in the Monkees. is over...?

We'll miss Casey SerinHaving followed the blog for so many months, it feels like the end of an era. At this point, I’m not sure how to express many mixed feelings so I’ll quote the one and only Stephanie J. instead:

If it is, I will miss all of my EN compadres very much. Over the months, I have sort of classified many of you as friends. Who else (or what else) can we sit around and raise hell about?

In my case, raising hell about the Bush Administration, global warming, etc. just wasn’t as much fun as Casey Serin. Over the past 9 months, I’ve spent more time giggling in my cube than I can remember. For once, a part of me hopes Casey is trolling. However, I also respect and understand the wishes of his family members. Admittedly, I was so shocked by the news I changed my evening plans for the live IAFF Demise Talkcast

Monday, May 28, 2007

Non-Awarding Winning Drivel (same dogs, updated info)

In case you haven’t noticed, Project SCOBY™ does not aspire to become award-winning bloggers. However, we do enjoy swimming in pools and spent Memorial Day doing so.

Unlike Casey Serin, we prefer small hot pink balls speckled with electric green and blue polka dots.

Driving to pool Unfortunately, the Project Lead is always getting water on the lens.
Project SCOBY Doo is fond of pink balls UPDATE: I like the psycho swimming Tanuki photo at the top, so I’d rather not create a new post. Since I’m on vacation this week and the humpback whales were in the vicinity, I did some whale watching from afar this afternoon/evening. While I could see better with binoculars, I have a PoS camera (for the best since I quickly destroy them somehow) so photos like this one are all I have to show for it.
Thank God Sacramento is behind us Anyway, PSD is mainly focused on blogging about blogs about…etc. Since most folks are far more interested in the contents of Stephanie J’s purse over Casey’s murse, I’d like to recommend

While we’re on the topic of murses, I also recommend Red Schnapper’s Taraxacum Officiale Looserius Speaks Out...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

AUCTION Action Casey Style

Today, Casey Serin has taken it upon himself to correct his AUCTION/ACTION mistake. Cannot imagine why, can you?
Casey Serin's AUCTION Nap Wrap Disturbing Freudian flip perhaps...?

UPDATE: If you haven't already done so, I recommend reading BTC's The Sad Lessons of Casey Serin.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Politics, sin and Satanism in swinging London

No, we're not Casey 24/7. There are other blogs that pique our blog about blog, etc. interest and this crazy Groovy Age of Horror cat finds and reviews novels straight out of Rod Serling’s Night Gallery.

P.S. More crazy horror "stuff" found in my feeds: LOST PARADISE (MASAMI AKITA, 1990)

Friday, May 25, 2007

6 Degrees of Casey Serin - Casey to W.S. Burroughs

Is Casey Serin an Interzone Agent? Apparently Casey Serin to Karl Rove was far too easy, so we have another 6 Degrees of Casey Serin™ game: Casey to W.S. Burroughs
WooHoo!!!P.S. For those of you who may have missed it the first time, the above Casey image is the work of M. SINGH.

6 Degrees of Casey Serin - Casey to Karl Rove

Hey Kids,

It’s Friday and time for another sweet™ 6 Degrees of Casey Serin™ game!


Since many of you have a long weekend to ponder the possibilities, we’ll make this one a bit more challenging: Casey Serin to Karl Rove.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Murst!!!! Yessss!!!

For further details on Murst! click on All Things Casey Serin

P.S. Still a work in progress, but here's the Homey DA Clown YO YO YO ITS HOMEY TIME! easy button.

P.P.S. Update: Don't want to get in the way of the Game, but just so happened to note this SWEET DataJunkie image in the feeds:

Strange Rodent Dog and another Wyoming Cowboy Boot

Saving Casey Serin Another Awesome™ , Juicy™ , SWEET™ cowboy boot photo from lovely Cheyenne, WY.

Also, here is the story behind my Exurban Nation query:

...Actually, I'm concerned Blogger might have eaten my comment link (behavior similar to last Friday's 6 Degrees of Casey Serin™ game) so I'll just post this as-is for now. Further details to follow.

Comment link seems to work, but I'm having an ADD/Casey moment due to the latest news regarding the humpback whales.


K, this is the strange and disturbing story I heard from a friend of a friend of a friend (questionable potential “Urban Myth” of course):
Last weekend she and her husband were sailing in the Bay and discovered an abandoned dog swimming in the water and rescued it. While they had good hearts and intentions, they apparently didn’t know much about dogs and lacked dog food, so they felt it wise to leave it unfed in the garage for the evening. Early the following morning they woke up to the most peculiar screaming/moaning sound they’d ever heard; the dog was busily chewing a hole in the garage door and clearly upset so they decided to take him/her to the vet. Upon inspection, the vet said “This is most definitely Not a Dog. It is a large Rodent from Indonesia thrown off a ship“ and should be put to sleep for further post-mortem analysis. Concerned about disease risk they went along with this agenda. After “euthanizing” the animal and analyzing the data, the vet called them back and said “I have some good news and some bad news. Good news is that the (dead) rescued animal is disease free. Bad news….Well, one question: “do you have a cat?” Answer was “Yes.” Vet says “Have you seen it recently?” No, they had not because it was found in the stomach of the huge rodent perceived as a dog.
Urban myth?
Also, any idea what sort of enormous rodent resembling a dog cruises from Indonesia to Cali-land and jumps ship (or is tossed off?) at the last moment?

News Flash: M. SINGH sends CV to Casey Serin

In other housing news, the Berkeley Housing Authority reportedly paid landlords fed rent subsidies for 15 dead tenants.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Project SCOBY Doo™ is puzzled

Having little interest in blogging about anything other than technical crap (until featuring hilarious Haterz caught our fancy) , Project SCOBY Doo™ is puzzled. We don’t condone advertising, but having lost murst! For 6 Degrees of Casey Serin in Google Land we decided to throw the BS Google ads at the bottom of the page as an experiment. Originally, we believed this bizarre spike in traffic might have something to do with Flailing Forward’s “thong” celebutard angle we "borrowed™" this weekend yet now it appears to be a Google agenda. Something seems a bit fishy™. Any thoughts on this matter?

3 Thumbs Up for CaseyPedia™

Project SCOBY Doo™ endorses CaseyPedia™ as the Official Source of all things Casey Serin.

Fishing with Nigel Swaby

Exurban Nation Observation: About Galina Serin

Interesting food for thought at Exurban Nation:

At 10:17 AM, LossMitPro said...
About Galina Serin

A few things to understand so that the following makes more sense, thus please bear with me. First off, I met Galina (once) during a three hour dinner meeting with Casey (I bought, at my insistence, in case you’re wondering). Second, I am qualified to make certain behavioral observations and determinations as I’m trained and authorized to do so under California’s ADR Programs Act. Third, and lastly, my objectivity in reporting here may be affect somewhat because I happen to like Galina (based on my personal observations).

Having made all that clear...

Galina Serin can best be described as a “lady” in the truest sense of that word. She is vastly different than her husband, both in behavior and speech. She is poised, well-mannered and gracious typifying a subservient yet supportive and loving Christian wife. She will speak her mind when appropriate, but mostly allows Casey to control the substance of discussions. She is quiet and soft spoken.

Galina does not make rash statements; she speaks deliberately -- always with a purpose, and is apparently of a very rational mind. When she speaks direct eye contact is predominant, and mannerisms convey a strong sense of sincerity.

She understands the complexities of what Casey does with his blog, but I sense (based on body language) does not approve. She is a private person who is less compulsive than Casey -- as is obvious by her physical reactions to certain stimuli. (For instance during our talks I made a number of trigger statements to seek reactions from both, Galina and Casey.)

As to the matter of whether or not Galina willfully participated in Casey’s Real Estate forays? I believe she had but in the role of a supportive wife, not with any criminal (wrong doer) intent. (If she is a grifter, which I seriously doubt, she was taught by one far more skilled in manipulative tactics than Casey -- who is inept at hiding areas of sensitivity.)

With respect to Galina’s transfer of property title to Casey? This is a common & customary practice in the State Of California, when one spouse is on paper (signatory to a loan) and the other is not. That does not mean Galina knew or understood what Casey was actually doing.

Regarding her credit card involvement? This too is a non-issue to prove any conspiratorial acts or duplicity. Galina’s personality type is to generally go-with-the-flow where her husband is concerned, resisting only when she fully understands the gravity and consequences of an issue. In short I sense, but cannot absolutely prove, that when it came to using credit cards? Galina simply believed Casey’s contentions and allowed the process.

Please note the above does not mean I am 100 percent accurate, and is not offered to you as absolute fact (proof of no wrong doing by Galina). There are some variables here (a few, not many) although the probabilities are, reasonably, that Galina’s involvement in Casey’s fiascoes is not as coconspirator, but nothing more than a supportive and loving wife.

You good folks are of course free to draw your own conclusions.


In other news, if you haven't already done so be sure to check out CaseyPedia for all things Casey Serin.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I love my dogs and Rod Serling

We love Exurban Nation

Brief update: apparently Rod Serling and I have yet another shared interest: pools.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

More Casey Art & Hilarity at FARML

In addition, we'd like to test the win-win potential of celubutard thong labels.

UPDATE: Digg Nigel's Guest Blogger's FARML exclusive here

The Mysterious M. Singh Has a Blog of his Own!

M. Singh is awesome!
While it's hot off the press, check out the M. SINGH SCANDAL SHEET and congratulate him on his new venture.

Schnapps Declares Lawnmower Man a Winner & Breaking FACML Exclusive!!

Here at Baabaabaab, Schnapps declared Lawnmower man this week's 6 Degree of Casey Serin winner without even playing this week!
Here was his winning entry:
Travolta - Scientology - Serintology - Casey?

In other news foreclosure news...

Foreclosure Avoiders Changed My Life: Breaking FACML Exclusive!! That's FACML, Not FARML!!!

UPDATE: Digg Flailing's FACML Exclusive here:

Friday, May 18, 2007

Bizarre, Disturbing and Interesting Non-Casey Stuff


6 Degrees of Casey Serin to John Travolta Continued...

Blogger ate the comment button in the original page. While they claim to feel our pain why haven't they resolved this?
We won't let this spoil our fun and will reserve this location for 6 Degrees of Casey to John Travolta.

BTW, check out the awesome Casey Serin Mirror Game at the bottom of the page (found via

6 Degrees of Casey Serin - Casey to John Travolta

Where's that Casey Character?Hey Kids,

It’s Friday and another opportunity to play 6 Degrees of Casey Serin™!

Is anyone bold enough to take on Schnapps this week?
Our latest challenge is Casey Serin to John Travolta.

The clock is ticking...

UPDATE: Blogger ate the comment button so please submit entries over here instead.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Project SCOBY Doo™ asks: Is there a connection between Codex Seraphianianus, Casey Serin, plankton and the wayward humpback whales?

We see Casey and Galina Serin
While perusing feeds this morning, Table of Malcontents reminded a certain Project SCOBY Doo™ agent of Codex Seraphianianus and he is now certain the answer to our Casey Serin puzzle can be found in the Codex. At this point, we're not sure if he's been sampling too much of Casey's kombucha. Stayed tuned for more!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Groovy Age of Horror: MARK OF THE ROPE by Miriam Lynch (Avon 1972)

The Groovy Age of Horror: MARK OF THE ROPE by Miriam Lynch (Avon 1972)

Project SCOBY Doo™ Extremely Concerned about Injured Whales

What Casey Means To Say...: LeWaterGate: The Movie

Nigel Swaby is an Asshole

The feng shui wasn't quite right so I've added another Tanuki photo on the left.

Red Schnapper: The Art of Blogging

The pack waits, while the t. officiale looserius expends significant energies combatting the waiting pack, before he has even arrived on the battlefield.

6 Degrees of Casey Serin™ champion, Schnapps, discusses Casey and Sun Tzu: Red Schnapper: The Art of Blogging

UPDATE: As a Sun Tzu fan, that one caught my eye, but The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is awesome as well!

Project SCOBY Doo™ Ponders Wayward Whale Casey Plankton Connection

SFGATE: Wildlife officials hope that two wayward whales spotted Tuesday evening near the Port of Sacramento will stay put long enough to be examined today and possibly led back to sea.

These wayward humpback whales were last seen in the West Sacramento area. Project SCOBY Doo™ suspects one of Casey Serin’s plankton kombucha labs may have played a role in leading them off course. Further details to follow.

Update: Experts examining wayward whales

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

6 Degrees of Casey Serin for Idiots: Highlights For Kids

How much did he pay for them and where did he get the money and the new murse? Corporate credit?

Please feel free to click on the photo for a closer view.

Whatever the case might be, the Project has decided Declan McCullagh is Awesome!

What Casey Means To Say...: Let's All Sing Along!

Help! We can no longer find our HQ via 6 Degrees of Casey Serin!

Casey Serin's Lichen Land is SWEET
We at Project SCOBY Doo™ are not pleased. In fact, we are shocked and dismayed that Google does not recognize us. Blog About a Blog About a Blog About a Blog is The Official Source of 6 Degrees of Casey Serin™ yet we no longer appear anywhere near first (AKA murst!) when the term is Googled. What happened? Could it have anything to do with our lack of Google ads or is it the result of the vast conspiracy we’ve been slowly uncovering…Hmmm…

Friday, May 11, 2007

6 Degrees of Casey Serin™ - Casey to Donald Duck

Sweet! Hey Kids,

It’s Friday and another opportunity to play 6 Degrees of Casey Serin™!

Is anyone up to the task of outdoing Schnapps, our undefeated champion?

This week’s challenge is Donald Duck.

6 Degrees of Casey Serin™ is an AWESOME game!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Groovy H-Bombs, Rats & Pregnant Women!

As Seen on The Groovy Age of Horror!

After reading Curt’s Coming of the Rats book review Project SCOBY Doo™ members are dying to get their hands on a copy of this one. There must be a Mrs. Serin connection in here:

Steve Seabrook is an L.A. advertising copywriter. He's also determined to survive the nuclear war he's sure is coming. He has a cave ready in the mountains, and as the international situation deteriorates, he even stocks up on two dozen ferrets and a whole zoo of terriers and cats, because he read that rats can survive radiation. Meanwhile, he's trying to convince Bettirose, the hot little number who works in the mail room, to be Eve to his Adam. That's literally how he thinks about it. Canned goods? Check. Batteries? Check. Woman to repopulate the world with? Working on it.
Too bad Bettirose isn't interested. Ah, but there's a sexy Latina living in the neighborhood of his cave, and she manages to hook up with Steve, despite his pining for Bettirose. At the novel's end, both ladies are pregnant by Steve, doing their part to help him repopulate the world.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Galina Serin has a shockwave moment?

What do you see in this image? A sheep wearing a tutu while carrying a large crab and a murse perhaps?

Project SCOBY Doo™ agents tend to agree the above tutu wearing sheep represents Galina Serin. What could possibly compel her to wake up from her napping regime of accomplishing nothing like our anti-hero Casey Serin? Latest theory brought to us by the NYT: “Kaboom, indeed.” The massive interstellar explosion from a galaxy far, far away had a shockwave effect that shook her sleepy neurons enough to wake her up for a brief time. That is one awesome stellar explosion!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Baabaabaab Exclusive™: Aspeth Surfing in a Bikini!

Certain Project SCOBY Doo™ agents have reason to believe this is in fact Aspeth surfing. And she sure isn’t a barney! Awesome!

Friday, May 4, 2007

6 Degrees of Casey Serin™ - Casey Serin to Paris Hilton

I don't feel your pain Hey kids,
It’s Friday night and time to play 6 Degrees of Casey Serin™ again! The distracted Project SCOBY Doo™ team lost track of this responsibility so we’ll simplify the game this evening...

6/8/07 UPDATE: I really hate it when those image links disappear so I'm forced to replace the original with a current one above. Also, the Casey Serin to Paris Hilton polls are still open and organic for those late to the party.

Stephanie J's Serinetics is Awesome!

More SWEET Stephanie J stuff...