Monday, June 9, 2008

Bird Nests in Gas-Guzzler

I can’t think of a better use for a 14 miles-per-gallon truck...

ORANGE – The 2008 Ford F-150 gets about 14 miles-per-gallon in the city, but a small bird found a shiny, red F-150 with a lift kit in the parking lot of the Ford of Orange dealership to be environmentally friendly.

Workers at the dealership, located at 1350 W. Katella Ave., noticed the bird had built a nest at the base of the windshield when the truck was delivered to the lot last week. After further inspection, Floor Manager Paul Corrigan said the bird had laid two eggs.

"That's probably never going to happen again in a lifetime," Corrigan said. "I've seen rabbits and possums, but for a bird to build its nest right there is something special."

Corrigan said the dealership won't try to move the nest and won't sell the truck until the eggs hatch.

"We've had a couple of guys come in and make offers," Corrigan said. "I think I'm going to put up a bird feeder and water bath."

Until the eggs hatch, the truck has been roped off and has become a conversation piece for salesmen and shoppers.

"It makes people more comfortable while they're here," Corrigan said. "It's a new birth for Ford."

Hat tip to Wagga for this find!

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NotAnOptimist said...

Murst! We drove into the city late last night. Fog has never smelled so sweet.

wagga said...

Doves & Pigeons are in the same family, & car salespeople like nothing more than a fresh Pigeon.

Ogg the Caveman said...

Itsallgood. It's not like big trucks are selling these days anyway.

Akubi said...

I love the fog and wish I had more of it in my microclimate.
BTW did you see i haz ur Hello Kitty waffles?

As far as your salespeople analogy, I’m curious where Rich Dad Kiyosaki and blue shirts fit in...

I think the birds are saving some clueless individual from paying a shitload of money for 14 miles-per-gallon. That is simply insane! A 14 MPG vehicle should be against the law.

In other news, one of my crazy dogs did surprisingly well in dog training class this evening.

Also, I’d like bring to your attention the fact that Baab is the #1 Google search result for "generalized insanity blog".

Edgar Alpo said...

Mourning dove, we have tons of them, now the Texas White wing doves are moving in. They have the most obnoxious coo you ever heard. I hate them texican birds.