Saturday, June 28, 2008

Seeker of Sweet Deals™ Addiction Returns

This short sale is currently listed well below Zestimate and it includes a new foundation, roof and other key structural fixes for an Art and Crafts era house.
Here's the 5 year Zillow chart:

Nicely preserved vintage details:

Here's the 10 year Zillow chart:

Due to issues with a "tenant" who is getting free rent I haven't seen the inside yet. However, what I saw from the outside suggests someone put some serious effort into key structural issues within the last 5 years. The newly reinforced foundation couldn't be older than that. Given places like this other sweet deal™ (in a far more expensive location) that can make a huge difference in real cost vs. Zestimate.


I love real estate in foreclosure!
I love Craftsmens
I love entangled sheets
And Victorians!
Boom de yada!
Boom De Yada!

In other news, I was amused by this video Ogg sent me:

"Safe as Houses" via Fabulist!


Ogg the Caveman said...


Looks nice. Good condition, tastefully kept up, probably even has a bathroom.

Akubi said...

Hi Ogg!
Apparently, there are at least 2 bathrooms (and probably more in the non-zoned units). I saw one that looked fully functional in the basement! However, it isn't Marin. Maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

I love fishnets and encryption!
Boom de yada!

Akubi said...

Sometimes you just never can tell what the fauxtrage du jour from the right will be, and this one caught me off-guard (or, in Republican speak, with my pants down and my hand underneath a bathroom stall):

I can’t sleep because I’m obsessing about the f-ing short sale and how it might possibly be financed and was reminded of the above quote regarding bathroom stalls and Republicans who can only have sex that way since everyone else is disgusted.
While I’m particularly displeased with the Bush Admin and crazy wingnuts who still might think they haven’t been busy flushing the constitution down the toilet faster than the Koran in Gitmo during these past 7+ years of hell, I’m disgusted with the Dems too.
Fuck mortgage bailouts for all of those stupid ass flippers.

Foreclose Now!

I’m also super pissed off with The Federal Reserve bailing out POS bankers. WTF happened to democracy around here?
How is it that these POS foreclosed losers and privileged bankers who don’t give a rat’s ass about anything are living so free and well.

I have to avoid the EXXON/Big Oil topic because IT REALLY PISSES ME OFF.

Akubi said...

I love the whole world except the POS bottom feeder losers!

Yo Omega said...

Suck it in and remember everything is always wrong on the internet.

Anonymous said...

I also love fishnets and forelosure.
Yet I can't find the flip...

Casey Serin said...


Edgar Alpo said...


Akubi said...

FlyingMonkeyWarrior siting on HP!

Edgar Alpo said...

FMW sighting? I saw that, I think it's a fake. I never saw FMW post as anonypuss, and the writing style is a little off. Could be though. I have my own suspicions about FMW, and no, I don't care to elaborate.