Monday, June 23, 2008

Octo-Toaster Tattoos and WiiBrators

I mean, what’s the point of buying a toaster with artificial intelligence if you don’t like toast?

These guys seem to find the WiiBrator far more entertaining than it looks...

Team DWiildo isn’t stopping at basic vibration though and is considering ways to expand the application, including linking it up to an image slideshow and enabling online multi-player action.

Of course, the application could be perfectly innocent and have been designed simply for enhanced gameplay…

Hat tip to Wagga for the Wii hack find!

One more absurd find of the day:



Akubi said...

Does anyone understand the Anti-Squid League??
I'm concerned that there are anti-cephalopod groups on the interwebs.

Akubi said...

As posted at Edgar's place:
Speaking of tipping points: Twenty Years Later: Tipping Points Near on Global Warming

mursty murstperson said...

The comment I left earlier (that blogger ate) went something like this:

Mmm, undies and Scooby Doo!

Abbreviated [sic]

Anonymous said...

The truth comes out:

A top aide to Sen. John McCain said a terrorist attack in the United States would benefit the Republican nominee politically...

McCain later denounced him for saying aloud what everyone on his team was thinking privately.

Casey Serin said...

Edgar, maybe they can plant a tactical "suitcase" nuke at my parents' place in West Sac-Town.

Lord knows I desperately need a good tan!! ;-)

Ogg the Caveman said...

It seems like I've been offline for ages, but really I think it's just been the weekend.

What is the Anti-Squid League's policy with regard to koi?

As for the WiiBrator, it sounds like good clean fun.

Akubi said...

McCain really wouldn't need a terrorist attack if he had an Octo-Toast Tattoo on his forehead.

If you're still at mom's place in West Sac why hasn't the FBI rounded you up yet?

I was hoping you might enlighten me on the Anti-Squid League. People online seem to hate just about everything these days! It's downright anti-cephalopod and wrong!

Akubi said...

"Cavianne", the only imitation black caviar sold in Japan and the 75-year-old Mikami's own invention. The recipe includes an unlikely mix of ingredients such as squid ink, apple pectin, extracts of sea urchin, oyster and scallop, and seaweed gum to hold it all together.

Casey Serin said...

If you're still at mom's place in West Sac why hasn't the FBI rounded you up yet?

I think the statute of limitations on the first instances of fraud (late 2006) expire in late 2009, three years later. They may be letting me sweat over my fate, only to pounce at the last possible minute. ;-)

Super Fat Japanese Monkey said...

John McCain is aware of all internet traditions!