Monday, June 2, 2008

Thus she spoke 2.0

Thus she spoke 2 by *drowninggirl

Yes, it has been previously featured on Nietzsche Koi where the black background is far more aesthetically correct, but this work has been left unappreciated there and I love it so I'm posting it on my higher traffic generalized insanity blog.


Mitchell said...

"generalized insanity blog"

Thanks for the new distinctive phrase which will allow me to find this place when I'm at an unfamiliar computer and can't remember how many blogabouta's there are in the address!

Akubi said...

Hmmm, interesting. When I googled "generalized insanity blog" I didn’t find much as expected, but "Akubi insanity blog" sure mines some gold nuggets.
Wow. Google tagged my blog before I did.

Akubi said...

Wow, this chart is rather disturbing.

Casey Serin said...

"Akubi" is a Japanese word meaning "a yawn". Sweet deal!

wagga said...


Limerick with Akubi?

Edgar Alpo said...


Casey Serin said...

A blogger who went by Akubi
Said I was a real estate newbie
I replied, "Before long,
I'll show her she's wrong...
But, first... let me puff on this doobie." ;-)

I got nothing. heh.

Akubi said...

That's a limerick?

That's a good one!
Did you see the chart with the scary spike I linked to above? Rather like you it seems to symbolize the egregious excesses of our economy.

Casey Serin said...

Did you see the chart with the scary spike

Kind of looks like my brain waves... mostly flat-lined, but with the occasional "It's all good!" bipolar spike. The big jump at the end is what happens when I see some beefcake in a Speedo. ;-)

Edgar Alpo said...

Frederick Neech, or is it Neechay?
Anyway, Akubi thinks he's peachay
Livin' in CaliFornee
Cashmere goats is horny

Plato or Socrates
Man that really grates
Don't you think you'd better
Just knit me a sweater?

How about some pie
The Catcher in the Rye
I don't even try
Why, why, why?

That wuz fun
Now I'm done

Mitchell said...

Karl Denninger's latest diagnosis

Akubi said...

Nice limerick Edgar!

Wow, that's a great post!
@Casey, note this part:
The brokers, bankers, Realtors and appraisers involved in the fraud of the housing bubble must be prosecuted and sent to prison. We must send a strong signal that cannot be misinterpreted - fraud will not be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

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