Wednesday, July 9, 2008

BAAB's Artist of the Week: Katelan Foisy

Mermaids are a win-win!

Robots are cool too.
As are big Klimt snakes.
Tragic operas
and Shakespeare too.

The crowded future stings my eyes
I still find time to exercise
In uniform with two white stripes

Unlock my section of the sand
It's fenced off to the water's edge
I clamp a gasmask on my head

On my beach at night
Bathe in my moonlight

Another tanker's hit the rocks
Abandoned to spill out it's guts
The sand is laced with sticky glops

O' shimmering moonlight sheen upon
The waves and water clogged with oil
White gases steam up from the soil

I squash dead fish between my toes
Try not to step on any bones
I turn around and I go home

I slip back through my basement door
Switch off all that I own below
Dive in my scalding wooden tub

My own beach at night
Electric moonlight

There will always be a moon
Over marin


mursty murstperson said...

Akubi said...

Yes, George W. Retard behaving like a typical aging frat boy again.

Akubi said...

Somewhere I may have already linked to this Internet Tradition: Preznit giv me turkee

Ogg the Caveman said...

Casey Serin said...

I wanted to attend college for the obvious increased job opportunities, but no accredited university offers a major in freeloading. ;-)

Too bad, since I would've aced the courses... when I was only 5, I was already mooching at a 10th-grade level!!

Akubi said...

Keg Delivery
What's up with that guy's neck anyway?
Thick necks disturb me.

Akubi said...

They remind me of Arnold and steroids and generalized stupidity.

Ogg the Caveman said...

I'm sure "Casey Serin" will have something to say about that.

Akubi said...

Thick necks are weird, artificial and thoroughly freak me out, i.e., once Henry Rollins developed a thick neck I denied all previous interests in Black Flag.
In fact, I rejected and denounced it!

Akubi said...

Marin is a hell of a lot hotter now than it was when I was a little kid beating up other kids on the school bus (and getting kicked off via the PTO) because they were pro-Reagan. I hated Reagan from day 1, but probably spent too much time listening to college radio and other stuff as a youngster.
We can woohoo this and that, but Reagan was the beginning of the economic downfall of this country as we know it.

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Akubi:

But at least Marin is part of the SF Bay Area, home to at least one world-famous nerd. He might even get to live on some very valuable real estate soon!

Anonymous said...

I think they caught keg delivery guy's supplier here in my state.