Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Fishnet Friday with RoboKoi!

Happy Fishnet Friday everyone!

Green Fishnet Girl by *lyrica

Charles Atlas In Fishnet by ~Notnothing

Don't forget to play 6 Degrees of Casey to Terry Childs!

Serene by ~je6suis6mort6

Pink Tentacle: Engineers at the University of Kitakyushu have developed an underwater survey robot that looks good enough to eat. “Tai-robot-kun,” a 7-kilogram (15.4 lb) robotic sea bream (red snapper) with a silicone body covered in realistically hand-painted scales, features a unique propulsion system that allows it to move its tail and drift silently through the water like a real fish.


Ogg the Caveman said...


Ogg the Caveman said...

Something about that mechanical koi reminds me of the Super Bass-O-Matic.

Anonymous said...

Nice body art. Happy F-net F-day akubi!

Casey Serin said...

Happy Fraudulent Flipper Friday™...!! :-D

Project SCOBY Doo™ said...

Happy woohoo F-net F-day Fraudulent Flipper Friday™...!!
Hey KC,
Why is it that Russians and weird Guidos are so big on ballroom dancing?

Casey Serin said...

Akubi, my friend, you're asking the wrong person... the only related activity I'm interested in is ballroom napping. :-D

Akubi said...

Of course. What was I thinking. Don't you like wearing some of the outfits though?

OT, but stories like this really piss me off.

Ogg the Caveman said...

OT again, but I've wasted entirely too much time here today. It's only of interest to bike nerds though.

I'm amazed by the combination of crudity and elegance in some of the early pieces. I would not have recognized many of them as derailers.

Ogg the Caveman said...

This brand may be of particular interest to Akubi.

Casey Serin said...

Don't you like wearing some of the outfits though?

Any time I can wear frilly dresses and heels, I'm in absolute heaven, girlfriend. ;-)

Akubi said...

Not being a bike nerd, I just don't see a whole lot of Luba in that thingy™.

I figured as much.

As far as more local animal news that pisses me off: Check out this little fawn that's been hobbling about for months with a sprinkler system device stuck to its hoof. The Marin Humane Society - most likely one of the most well-funded animal shelters in the country - refuse to do anything about it. When wildlife is impaired because of our BS plastic detritus all over the place, I think we have a responsibility to deal with the situation.

Akubi said...

Yikes! I should make it a policy not to open my 401K (and similar such things) statements these days. I just opened one from a former employer and wasn't pleased. Yes, the losses could have been *a lot* worse, but it still sucks when you factor in inflation. Everyone says you're supposed to be bullish when you're youngish, but I'm tired of this shit. My savings account is doing a lot better than all of those f-ed up retirement plans. My condo has lost 20% of its value of the past year. I'll be stuck footing the bill of all of those greedy, pathetic bankers, CEO's, politicos, etc. for the rest of my life! Despite supposedly moving up the food chain career-wise, saving, not wasting money on BS, my overall standard of living is worse than it was 7 years ago.

wagga said...

Irrigation equipment - a better outcome

Akubi said...

Maybe they were trying to shoot a similar video when the irrigation equipment got stuck on the fawn's hoof...

In other news, I'd like to know how one gets off of "I'll donate money for anything" snail mail lists. In the past week I've received 4 calendars, I don't know how many other address stickers, bumper stickers, notepads and other crap from various wildlife, save a puppy, animal rights and environmental organizations - not to mention some cancer center and Amnesty International. What a waste of resources! I'm sick of getting all this junk. Somewhere I signed up on a no junk mail list, but non-profits don't seem to be included.

Casey Serin said...

In other news, I'd like to know how one gets off of "I'll donate money for anything" snail mail lists.

Don't donate to any organization in the first place. ;-)

Similar to how if I hadn't defaulted on every debt I've had since age 10, I wouldn't be receiving sackfuls of collection-agency mail right now. Seriously, the post office has its own "Serin" vehicle which drops off a truckload of bills and debt-collection crap at my parents' place every day.

It goes straight to the compost heap. ;-)