Friday, June 8, 2007

Another Awesome Blog Find: Collections of William S. Burroughs Covers

In hopes of moving Scooter Libby's face somewhere easily avoidable, I'd like to return to juicy blog nuggets of the day.

Table of Malcontents is pretty groovy. They find sweet stuff like this.


Anonymous said...

Is that Iggy Pop between the girl with the big butt and the centipede?

Akubi said...

I believe it is, anon.
Yet another completely OT thought on my part...Hey, why am I excusing myself when this is my stupid ass blog and there isn't a topic in the first place. That's the point.

Anyway, has anyone else tried Rozerem(tm) for insomnia? I'm just starting it today.

Akubi said...

This seems like a good thread to report on day 1 in my Rozerem Daily Sleep Diary.
Well, I went to sleep at approximately 11PM and woke up at 3PM the following day without feeling refreshed.
Hopefully day 2 will be more promising, because I don't see this 17 hour sleep schedule working so well for me during the work week.