Saturday, June 16, 2007

Not Impressed AKA My Favorite Picture of Myself

UPDATE from the NYT:

But the study found that when people invested more in intrinsic values, like relationships and quality of life, and less in consumption, it seemed to increase their happiness. And, the study suggested, there may be a financial gain to doing so.

Guess what Casey Serin...You are a f-ing asshole

Also, F-you KC for not posting my comments. I've been one of your most tolerant Haterz/critics, but I'm really beginning to lose my patience with your BS (AKA how you've treated your wife).


Akubi said...

BTW, currently watching Pan's Labyrinth - and looser BF thinks tthe praying mantis is me, "the existential insect." :)

Akubi said...

Anyway, the photo was taken on the 4th of July by my stepdad (who later sepia-toned it). At the time, I was not pleased with the news I'd been hearing and thought the U.S. sucked (if only I had known how much worse it would get) at the time and felt life would be better if I had the right breakfast cereal.
Nonetheless, I rather like the Munch-ish look of the photo.

JohnDiddler said...

fine picture.

PMSPMS™©® said...

What's the food on your face?

Akubi said...

I would imagine it was ice cream or possibly dirt. I fell off a horse earlier in the day.

Akubi said...

Speaking of the NYT, why does this guy annoy me?
Possibly because something about his Chris Record-ish face matches this paragraph in the article:
Apart from its repeated references to the dot-com mania of Silicon Valley, the book lacks political and socioeconomic context. In describing the early days of Comcate, for example, Ben notes that the fall of 2001 was a “busy few months,” without any mention of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. When I asked him about that, he said that “it didn’t really impact the business.”