Sunday, June 3, 2007

Aspeth’s Final Word & Nietzsche Pops for M. SINGH

While I’ve been falling behind on my online life, I did manage to be Murst! on Aspeth’s critique of Casey Serin's final Friday night fraudcast. I dugg it and would imagine most of my large audience of a dozen or so regular readers would as well.

Casey Serin needs Nietzsche Pops
I have included the previously mentioned Nietzsche Pops poster. Unfortunately the flash was problematic.

OT update: Senator Obama is awesome!

K, Hillary is bright too (but she's a boomer).


M. SINGH said...

Madame AKUBI,

Thank you very much for a copy of that poster. I will get an enlargement from Kinko's shortly.

One question, though: If you stare persistently at your poster of Nietzsche Pops, does the poster stare back at you?

I remain,


Akubi said...

I do not stare at my poster. In fact, it isn't hanging anywhere. The abyss, of course, is in the mind and the poster was distracting.
It's late and time to get back to my dreaming life.