Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jennifer Government Foray

If he hasn't already done so, I think it would be fun if our favorite CaseyoPod spent some time with Max Barry in Australia. It would be great material for his next novel......

BTW, where's my biggest fan who I secretly lust after to take his prize (I promise it won't involve butt plugs)?

UPDATE: this Groovy Age post somehow reminds me of the Caseyopod creature.


Violet ExxonMobil said...

Global warming does not EXIST. Remember that.

Akubi said...

Murst to say Murst!
BTW, did I forget to mention Ogg makes my nipples look harder than they do in the T-shirt photo.

Akubi said...

I like this quote from Ryu Murakami's novel _69_ so I'm putting it here for future reference:
...misery grows up all by itself, in a hidden place, without your even being aware of it, and then one day, suddenly, it knocks on your door.
(p. 90)