Sunday, June 24, 2007

Homey DA Clown Reminder!



Lest we forget HOMEY Da Clown, I shall provide this groovy blog entry

BTW, don't forget to play this week's 6 Degrees of Casey Serin game before the voting starts!



Ogg the Caveman said...


Where the hell has Homey been, anyway?

Akubi said...

SWEET! I suspect HOMEY is hangin' with his super-secret Junior Undercover Agent Olympic Pin found in a long forgotten cereal box.

Schnapps said...

You know, Akubi, I get this error every time I try to load your page - that its unable to load, then I get an error page that says I may not be connected to the internet, etc. etc.

When I refresh it loads.

And I'm using IE7 (likely part of the problem). I get it at work too where I'm using (I think) IE6.

And is that Homey's blog? am absolutely wiped at the moment and can't really focus.

Schnapps said...

Or are you just trying to generate traffic? :>

Akubi said...

Seriously, Schnapps?
I removed the Google ads and other amusing extras to get over the technical issues I was having as well. There's still a problem?

Schnapps said...

And the worst part is, its intermittent - it doesn't always happen.

Akubi said...

I've also some intermittent errors and I suspect it's related to some of my widgets, but I hate to part with the remaining ones. If anyone can determine which of the widgets is primarily responsible, I'll consider removing it.

Just to clarify, other than the clown photos, the blog referenced has nothing to do with Homey. Now that Duane is compiling a list of Haterz blogs, I don't want a number of entirely _unrelated_ blogs listed at the right thrown into the stew. One of these days I'll consider thinking about organizing that list a bit better ;).

Anonymous said...

Homey found on Zero Hedge