Thursday, June 7, 2007

The source of 90% of Baabaabaab's Traffic

Nicole Richie is a bratSince the above image so popular, why not post it again? I rather like the alien-like appearance of this source of thinspiration.

Casey Fannnnn's CASHBACK image seems to have a place here.

Casey Serin doesn't like fava beans


Sprezzatura said...


1 Night in Paris said...

Nigel Swaby fantasizes that he's Paris Hilton's Chihuahua, Tinkerbell.

flailing forward said...

Well I guess the celebrity thong angle isn't so lucrative after all. I think I might try the Japanese fetish angle next.

Akubi said...

What sort of Japanese fetish angle do you have in mind?
What I have found interesting in this experiment is that once I threw in the Google ads at the bottom of the page, I was suddenly hit by this flood of essentially OT Google image-search traffic. In fact, if you search Google images for thinspo, my BlahblahblahBlog makes page 1. Of course, this traffic has little interest in the rest of the nonsense content, but maybe they'll check out one of my groovy widgets and wake up for a moment or two. Speaking of widgets, it might be fun to create a Caseypedia version of the Wikipedia hindu gods widget at the right one of these days.
BTW, it appears you have changed your Blogger image...