Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thermal Discomfort

UPDATE: Dysfunctional climate control systems really annoy me. For a couple of hours, I had a very pleasant respite swimming with my dogs at some friends’ house…Until I came home to the lame-ass PoS condo association who stole my parking space because I was too young and dumb and car-averse to think about it before closing the deal a couple years ago. Eventually I want to move to Wyoming or Iceland or Japan or Antarctica or something and this BS parking situation really ruins the resale value of my place --- and I’m ready to go for the jugular MoFo PoS douche bags. I’m real f-ing mad.

As previously mentioned in the comments, the air conditioner at the office is broken and it is currently over 85 degrees F with no ventilation whatsoever. Since I'm too grumpy and hot to accomplish any work, I thought I'd complain about the situation in my own official blogosphere.
When I Googled my office temperature concerns I came across this:
In general, what temperature is 'right' for various activities?

Table 3
7825Optimal for bathing, showering. Sleep is disturbed
7524People feel warm, lethargic and sleepy. Optimal for unclothed people.
7222Most comfortable year-round indoor temperature for sedentary people.
7021Optimum for performance of mental work.
6418Physically inactive people begin to shiver. Active people are comfortable.

Given the fact that I am clothed and presumably perform "mental work", 85 degrees is simply unacceptable. Can someone please explain why office air conditioners never work when they are needed, but are always on when they’re not? If we can't even manage office climate control, how the hell are we going to deal with global warming?
Speaking of climate control, I would like to return to Paleo-Future's "home of the future" where "electrically operated climate-conditioned extensions will permit 'summer terraces' all at will by your electricity." I just love the image.


Akubi said...

BTW, maybe it's the heat, but I can't follow anything going on at EN this afternoon.

Ogg the Caveman said...

It's not the heat. This seems to be one of those days where you needed to have read the key comments in the previous giant thread to make sense of the new post. It appears that SLC "G Money Man" has been outed, and various haterz are involved in some kind of shadowy massive focused action behind the scenes. I couldn't pick up on more than that, what with all the hunting and gathering.

On days like this I rely on the various other hater blogz to fill me in as to the key events. Some help you are today.

As for heat, I'd be feeling your pain if the summer hadn't been so pathetic thus far. Whoever designed the building I work in had a really clever idea: they'd simplify the HVAC system by putting all the hot/cold air in one end of the building and pulling it out the other. It might've worked out ok if the building didn't have interior walls, but it does. At any given time one end of the building roasts and the other freezes.

Akubi said...

You must be in the more pleasant end of the building...?
BTW, I have been following the gist of the EN situation; however, anonypussy trolls are just plain tiresome, so I choose to avoid them.
Unless I'm in an Olympic-sized pool with my dogs, hot weather and dysfunctional climate control systems piss me off.

Akubi said...

The air conditioner seems to be working today so I'm in a somewhat less grumpy frame of mind. Surviving the afternoon will be the real test though.
Even when the system is working there are these various microclimates. One corner will be quite pleasant and a few yards away one may as well be in a sauna.

PMSPMS™©® said...

Poor lass :(

Ogg the Caveman said...

Which would you consider the pleasant end? The one where you freeze, or the one where you roast?

Actually I'm in the temparate zone in the middle of the building. It's a little too warm in the summer and just right in the winter.

Akubi said...

PMSPMS™©®, I assume you’re being somewhat facetious. Yes, it might seem a trivial issue but it just happens to be one of my pet peeves - and this is my own Official Blogosphere where I can have an Olympic-sized Pool with koi (a kind of fish) if I want to;).

Well, I once had a professor who said the problem with students in California is the lack of philosophy weather. There could be some truth to that because warm weather makes me feel lazy, sluggish and unfocused. My ideal office temperature is somewhere between 68 and 70. BTW, did you see the funny comment Flailing left over at NGB’s place?