Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Funny Blog Post of the Day: Pre-Order Your "Info Product" Accessoriez Today

What Casey Means To Say...: Pre-Order Your "Info Product" Accessoriez Today

In other Casey Serin news, NotAnOptimist has provided an excellent transcript of Declan McCullagh's Interview with Casey and Marty Stewart.


Akubi said...

Why in this day and age can't they get air conditioners to function properly in office buildings? I feel like I'm going to die of heat stroke.
Anyway, I've added one of those groovy Amazon widgets that Aspeth has. If there are any other Haruki Murakami fans out there, The Murakami Zone has been pretty stagnant and could use some fresh input.

Sprezzatura said...

LOVE that photo!

And Declan kicks serious ass. His reputation as a real Journalist is well-deserved.

Akubi said...

I completely agree. After all of the BS MSM coverage Casey was getting (other than Carol Lloyd), Declan's articles have been very refreshing.

Akubi said...

OK, I am officially miserable and unable to focus. It is currently 85 degrees in the office :(.

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty funny version of my photo. :D